When I first met Dr. Carney I was injured at work playing professional basketball and needed to have an operation. I was extremely nervous on whether I would be able to return to work the same person as before. After my first visit, I felt much more at ease, but was still skeptical, since doctors tend to promise the world. As a professional athlete I needed the surgery to be very successful in order to return to work. Throughout the process he treated me with care and a positive attitude. The surgery was a success and I was able to return to play for another 3 years.

He was always there for me and even after I had retired from being a professional athlete. When a knee issue arose recently, I went to see Dr. Carney again and instead of immediately cutting me open, he tried therapy first and it worked. My knee is now pain free, and because of his forthright and honest approach to each of his patients, I didn’t have to undergo an unneeded surgery. I feel secure in knowing that the next time any issue arises I can go and see http://www.jump4loves.com/ and know I will be in the hands of one of the most caring and capable doctors around. Go see him, you will be better for it, I know I am.

Alaa Abdelnaby, Duke University Basketball, Portland Trailblazers, Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, currently CBS Sports Broadcaster

I’ve been a patient/fan of Dr. William Carney since 1986 when my knee gave out on the tennis court. Turns out I needed an arthroscopy. It was followed by one for my other knee as well. In between, there have been numerous visits for a whole host of other aches and pains, along with cortisone and synvisc shots.

My husband is a skier who breaks body parts regularly, causing one orthopedic issue after another. He has been seeing Dr. Carney since the mid-90’s as well. Dr. Carney has also treated our son, and I have recommended him to anyone I know who has an orthopedic issue.

Not only is Dr. Carney an excellent clinician he speaks comprehensible English and has a seemingly endless supply of patience for all of my questions in regards to my injuries. He is a calm, warm, caring, considerate physician and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is courteous and never schedule too many patients for one time. I expect there will be more Dr. Carney in my life and that’s fine with me.
Sandi Klein, Anchor 1010 WINS News Radio

Dr, Carney repaired my right shoulder, but because of my age 68 and the severity of the tear, he could not guarantee that I would be 100% after my surgery. Yet, sixteen months later, my golf game was back and I was shooting in the 80’s again. Without Dr. Carney’s expertise I doubt this would ever have been possible.
Richard Greulich Sr., Patient

Thank you for my walking foot!!! It is great to be able to walk without any pain again. A special thanks to Gail for all of her help.

Jeentre, Patient

I first met Dr. Carney in the winter of 2008 after injuring my left shoulder in a snowboarding fall. My shoulder already had trauma issues which he addressed. I guess you could call it one stop shopping because Dr. Carney’s treatment put me on the road to recovery for both my previous injury and my current one.

His thorough examination and ability to explain my injuries so that I understood them put me completely at ease. When he recommended arthroscopic surgery, I felt no need to get a second opinion and was comfortable with that procedure which so many people dread.

Physical therapy is a must after such surgeries and I am glad to report that today my pain has subsided and my shoulder continues to gain strength.

I thank Dr. Carney for giving me back my active lifestyle. At fifty-five years old, I am on my snowboard again, but proceed with an enlightened caution. As much as I like Dr. Carney, I do not want to go back to him anytime soon. Iam sure you know what I mean.
M.C. Martino, Editor and Writer 201 Magazine