Preventing and Treating High School Sports Injuries

High school sport injuries are just as common and serious as professional sport injuries. Because student athletes are still growing, special care and attention must be given to the rehabilitation of the injury, as well as the athlete’s re-entry into the sport. The athlete, coach, and parent should be in cooperation with each other in order to ensure the proper treatment is being administered.

Sport injuries are caused by either the gradual overuse of a part of the body or by a single traumatic event, such as a collision with another player. Both types of injuries can cause damage to the bone or soft tissue (muscles and ligaments). Sprains, strains, fractures, muscle tears, and contusions (bruises), are all common forms of injuries that your child can experience. All injuries should be treated promptly and seen by a medical professional. The doctor will determine what form of treatment is best, and it is especially important for the athlete to be cleared by the doctor before returning to the sport.

High school sport injuries are not inevitable; there are ways to prevent them from occurring.  These include:

  • Conditioning
  • Training
  • Warming up
  • The use the proper equipment and technique

It is a good idea to only allow your child to play in one sport a season, but not play in the same sport year-round; this only increases their chances for an overuse injury.

Bergen Orthopedics specializes in sports medicine and can help your student athlete get back to their pre-injury state.

Dr. Carney is the team physician for both Fair Lawn High School and William Paterson University and has over eighteen years of experience working with student athletes.

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