How to Prevent and Alleviate Back Pain

If you experience back pain, you are not alone. In fact 4 out of 5 people experience back pain at some point. Back pain can occur at various points long the spine and neck. Back pain can also take multiple different forms from persistent dull ache to a sudden sharp pain. These various forms of back pain can be the effect of anything from a sprain, a fracture, or a medical condition such as arthritis. Many individuals experience neck or lower back pain on a day to day basis. The good news is that most lower back pain can get better within a few days or weeks.

Keep the following tips in mind when you want to prevent back pain from occurring.

1. Get more exercise. Regular exercise and physical activity help ease inflammation and muscle tension. 

2. Watch your weight. Extra weight, especially in the mid section, can make back pain worse by putting added pressure on your lower back.

3. If you smoke, stop. Smoking inhibits the flow of nutrient-containing blood to areas within your spine. 

4. Sleeping position. Talk to your doctor about various sleeping positions that will help manage your back pain.

5. Pay attention to your posture. Keep your knees higher than your hips when sitting and find a chair that has a straight back or low-back support when working in your office throughout the day. 

6. Avoid high heels and skinny jeans. Heels higher than one inch shift your center of gravity to your lower back. While, wearing skinny jeans or any clothing that is tight, interferes with bending, sitting, or walking which can cause or worsen back pain.

Use these back saving tips throughout your day to ensure that your back is healthy and pain free!