How to Alleviate Joint Pain During the Winter Months

Many men and women suffer from joint pain due to a variety of reasons from arthritis and osteoporosis to fractures and dislocations. The winter can be a hard time for anyone suffering from or even recovering from joint issues and conditions.

Changes in weather affect the tissue around an individual’s joints. These temperature and weather changes can make the joint’s tissue expand, which adds pressure on the joint making the the pain worse in many cases. The best medicine for joint pain in any weather condition or season is exercise! The more you are able to strengthen the muscles and tissues around your joints, the better you will feel.

Getting up and moving during the winter can be hard to do, so here are  6 ways you can get your joints moving even in the cold winter months.

 1.  Motion

The best ways to nourish your joints are to keep them moving. Movement of the joints helps your body naturally lubricate the suffering areas of your body.

2. Water

Always drink plenty of water. When your body becomes dehydrated, this reduces flexibility and increases wear and tear on your joints. On average an individual should drink 8 glasses of water (8 ounces each) each day.

3. Warm up, then stretch

Before stretching your body, make sure that your muscles are “warm.” Break a light sweat to ensure that your muscles are warm and loose, before you stretch out.

4. Keep warm

Keep the joints that are injured or suffering from pain warm. Get yourself a “sleeve” or a “wrap” to place over the suffering joint.

5. Ice

After exercising be sure to ice down your injured area to decrease any inflammation or soreness you may develop.

6. Eat right

Be sure to eat a healthy diet. This will keep any extra weight off of your joints which will help ease the pain of any joint injuries.