Dealing in Murder: A Molly Doyle Mystery by Elaine Flinn

By Elaine Flinn

Elizabeth Porter used to be a top-of-the-lineManhattan antiques broker until eventually her ex-husband and his lover's flagrantly legal rip-off left her acceptance in tatters. Now, utilizing a brand new identify, Molly Doyle, she's beginning over a continent away in a rundown antiques store in comfortable Carmel, California. Molly is set to make the easiest of it. however the early antiques chicken occasionally will get greater than the trojan horse, and one urged arrival locations her at a homicide web site with a corpse in her hands. After she turns up at a moment likely unrelated demise, the abrasive new police leader considers Molly the top suspect. Now the one technique to transparent her identify is for Molly to discover her personal route to a killer, with a purpose to go away her both exonerated ... or useless.

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Long live Molly Doyle. With a million things to do before opening at ten, she forced herself out of bed and headed for the tiny kitchen, with its ancient gas stove, chipped tile, and mismatched cracked dishes. The fuchsia walls hurt her eyes, and she squinted as she made coffee. Sid Wells, the former owner, was obviously taken with bright colors. While Carmel was frequently overcast and foggy, it was not England, for God’s sake. Remembering that Carmel’s best months were August to October, she vowed to repaint the kitchen soon.

She didn’t need or want friends. Especially cops. Glancing at her watch, she quickly said, “I’ve got to get going. ” “If you plan to do a lot of walking down here, I’d stick to the path up on the street. ” Molly eyed the long, wide beach. There couldn’t have been more than a dozen people here at this time of the morning. Was he being considerate, or merely probing? Was he an early-morning beach stroller, too, or was she being watched? If he wanted to keep an eye on her, all he had to do was check the shop every day.

Innocent or not, once that got out, the shop would be dead meat. Max would blame her, and God only knows how Pablo would react. Without a leak, she still knew that until she could save enough to get to New Orleans, he’d make her life hell. When Max was in love, he was as blind as a bat. I should talk, she quickly thought. She caught the ringing telephone and braced herself for Pablo’s tirade. He didn’t disappoint her. Going to great lengths to control herself, she finally managed to explain what had held her up.

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