Dafydd ap Gwilym: His Poems by Gwyn Thomas

By Gwyn Thomas

Gwyn Thomas presents an available English translation of Dafydd ap Gwilym's, (the such a lot prolific and well-known of medieval Welsh poets), entire poems. The poems are annotated to deliver out their historic and literary context.

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22 DAFYDD AP GWILYM: HIS POEMS 12 IN PRAISE OF LLYWELYN AP GWILYM The grammar book of Dyfed! There’s a summons To wine-cellars in Llywelyn’s land, A haven, let all men’s greetings go To Emlyn, a warm court-place for many. There’s a lake for a park in Emlyn, a canal As far as Teifi, and taverns in all places. Let him deter dishonour, [and] let him kill his foe: Where a hammer blow may be, let there be a pathway to gentility. A pathway to gentility, a great bolt battering the mighty, A clear provocation to England and Pictland; Wherever he may be, the whole world draws (A giving hand) near to the name of Llywelyn.

12 Aqua lateris Christi, lava me. Water of the side of Christ’s undaunted dolorous wound, Cross-joyous defender, Sacred heart, without forsaking, Resolutely cleanse life, cleanse me. 16 Passio Christi, comforta me. Passion of heaven’s Christ, lord of the world’s prophets, Your five wounds were harsh, A prayer of great vigour [and] good talent: Great goodman, fortify me. 20 O bone Iesu, exaudi me. Merciful, gracious Jesus, move towards me, Answer of light; Dawn of all altars of greatest esteem, Listen to me and don’t denounce me.

8 DAFYDD AP GWILYM: HIS POEMS 5 AN ODE TO IFOR HAEL Well does a wheel run (uneven terrain) downwards, Or well a gull along a channel; Twice as well does your praise run (I am untiring), Ifor, lord of favour and reward. The sea’s helpful weaving’s good, and its long wetting Of the rope that holds a pirate ship at anchor; Better do I weave to thee tongue’s song, Ifor, [our] most valorous door. 1 4 8 I wish to thee, [my] lucky lord, an easy life, And a loving blessing; An army’s equal, steel-armed door, Terror of the mighty, mighty Ifor!

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