Culture of cold-water marine fish by Erlend Moksness; E Kjørsvik; Yngvar Olsen

By Erlend Moksness; E Kjørsvik; Yngvar Olsen

Content material: 1. creation / The Editors -- 2. Abiotic components / B.R. Howell and S.M. Baynes -- three. Microbial Interactions, Prophylaxis and ailments / O. Vadstein, T.A. Mo and O. Bergh -- four. dwell nutrients expertise of Cold-Water Marine Fish Larvae / Y. Olsen -- five. Brood inventory and Egg construction / D. Pavlov ... [et al.] -- 6. From Fertilisation to the top of Metamorphosis : practical improvement / E. Kjorsvik, okay. Pittman and D. Pavlov -- 7. First Feeding expertise / Y. Olsen, T. van der Meeren and K.I. Reitan -- eight. Weaning and Nursery / J. Stoss, ok. Hamre and H. Ottera -- nine. On-Growing to marketplace measurement / M. Jobling -- 10. The prestige and views for the Species / T. Svasand ... [et al.] -- eleven. Marine inventory Enhancement and Sea-Ranching / T. Svasand and E. Moksness -- 12. New Species in Aquaculture : a few simple fiscal facets / R. Engelsen ... [et al.]

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W. (1977) Aquaculture Engineering. Wiley, New York. Chapter 3 Microbial Interactions, Prophylaxis and Diseases O. A. Mo and Ø. Bergh This chapter deals with microbes and infectious agents and their interactions with the fish at all developmental stages. Whereas several texts on this topic look primarily at diseasecausing organisms, we also try to deal with the natural interactions between microbes and hosts. Thus, we try to have both a veterinary and a microbial ecology perspective on the issue.

R. D. (1979) Physiological energetics. In: Fish Physiology. Vol VIII. Bioenergetics and Growth. S. J. R. Brett), pp. 279–352. Academic Press, San Diego. , Thrush, M. & Jones, J. (1993) Environmental control of reproduction in salmonids. In: Recent Advances in Aquaculture. Vol. 4. F. J. Roberts), pp. 55–65. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford. Abiotic factors 27 Kamler, E. (1992) Early Life History of Fish: An Energetics Approach. Chapman & Hall, London. , Chartois, H. & Quemener, L. (1995) Comparative acute ammonia toxicity in marine fish and plasma ammonia response.

Embryos and larval fish are less well adapted to control the flux of water and ions in and out of the body, and therefore do not tolerate changes in salinity as well as adult fish. The conditions required for successful reproduction are thus more closely defined. Gametes within the adult’s body are in osmotic balance with body fluid blood plasma, but at the time of spawning those of oviparous species are exposed to the osmotic stresses of their surroundings. The ways that species may be affected by, or are able to tolerate, the osmotic changes that occur during embryogenesis and later larval development have been reviewed by Alderdice (1988).

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