Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich

By Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich

Huge path taught national, yet specifically huge in Florida, Texas, and California. frequently a well-liked optionally available yet required of all incoming scholars at a few colleges. Annual enrollments within the path and present TL marketplace share.

CULTURE AND VALUES: A SURVEY OF the arts takes you on a desirable journey of a few of the world's most important examples of artwork, track, philosophy, and literature, from the beginnings of civilization to at the present time. New good points during this variation are designed to make it effortless that you can comprehend the effect of old occasions and values at the works produced via every one culture--guided discussions of the entire readings, bankruptcy previews, timelines, "Compare and Contrast" sections, "Big Picture" reports on the finish of every bankruptcy, accelerated assurance of Asia and Africa, and high quality pictures with transparent captions.

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Although the art of this remote age would be valuable for its historical significance alone, many of the paintings and statues stand as masterpieces in their own right. The lines are concentrated but immensely expressive. In some cases, artists used the surface on which they were painting to create an added sense of realism: a bulge on a cave wall suggested the hump of a bull [Fig. 2]. The combination of naturalistic observation and abstraction can only be described as sophisticated, and since their discovery in the twentieth century the paintings have served as a powerful inspiration to modern eyes.

8] had huge staircases that led to a shrine at the top. The same return to traditional beliefs is illustrated by the religious inscriptions on the bases of the many surviving statues of Gudea, the governor of the city of Lagash around 2100 bce, as well as by his humble attitude [Fig. 9]. The Law Code of Hammurabi By around 1800 bce, Mesopotamia had once again been unified, this time under the Babylonians. Their most famous king, Hammurabi, was the author of a law code that was one of the earliest attempts to achieve social justice by legislation—a major development in the growth of civilization.

The photograph shows the ziggurat now, partially restored. The drawing shows the probable original appearance. The Akkadian word ziggurat means “pinnacle” or “mountaintop”—a place where the gods were thought to reveal themselves. These plains dwellers made artificial mountains surrounded by shrines. Mudbrick faced with baked brick laid in bitumen. 9 Seated Statue of Gudea, c. 2100 bce. The details of the drapery and headgear contrast with the simplicity of the face, which, like the position of the hands, suggests the humility of this neo-Sumerian ruler.

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