Contro La Mafia by Nando Dalla Chiesa

By Nando Dalla Chiesa

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Flattery, Mr. " "Forget flattery. " He didn't miss the note of resignation in her voice. No bitterness, only flat acceptance. That struck him as being so sad. If only she had made different choices earlier in life, the world could be her oyster. Instead she struggled to keep her daughter in decent shoes. She rubbed the nape of her neck and flexed her shoulders. " Zeke had a feeling that the guitar was the least of her burdens. "So what brings you to the Blue Parrot? " The waitress returned just then.

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Coulter. I appreciate the apology and your change of heart. Chad needs a little leniency right now. " He stood, nudged the chair back under the table with the toe of his boot, and hooked his thumbs over his belt. "Now that I've gotten to know him better, I agree with you. He should go. " She picked up the twenty, sidled around the table, and moved close to tuck the bill into his shirt pocket. The musky scent of her perfume filled his senses. The warmth of her body, moving a scant inch from his, seared him like a brand.

She went to a community college for two years to become a legal secretary, which is great, but now she's hell-bent to do nothing else. There are no jobs in her field at present. I keep hoping she'll take something else, a regular secretarial position or a job as a receptionist, but she won't even consider it. And in the meanwhile, she's out blowing money she can't afford to blow. " Zeke plucked the wedge of lemon from the edge of his glass and squeezed the pulp into his tea. He'd had similar thoughts about his younger siblings more than once.

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