Condé Nast Traveller [UK] (July 2015)

The basic consultant to inspirational shuttle. Breathtaking destinations, lovely images and self sufficient commute suggestion make Condé Nast traveler the authority in its box and the most desirable way of life journal for individuals with a fondness for commute, experience, tradition and new principles.

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Meanwhile, a couple of Club riding brothers Dru and Bennie decided they, too, would ride along with Cincinnati and Delbert. All four guys were fresh out of the joint, and none of them had ever been on a USA Run, either. They all rode rigid-frame choppers running Sportster tanks, straight pipes, and a lot of front end. Preacher is a forty-year member, and one of Cincinnati’s closest friends in the Club. He knew the score when it came to the ins and outs of surviving a Club run and coming back feeling good.

48 Ralph “Sonny” Barger A s Ron made his way back down the Dempster Highway driving south, a big logging truck approached from the horizon. It had been hours since he had seen any sign of humanity. As the truck thundered past him and blew its air horn (creating an echo through the frighteningly still terrain), the eighteenwheeler also created an enormous, swirling dust cloud. Ron pulled in his clutch and slowed down as the truck zoomed by him. The air was perfectly still, and the dust wouldn’t settle.

He made it! At six in the morning, Nic met the Club at the bar where we were scheduled to leave. That was the good news. The bad news was that he was riding—ahem—a red Honda. Now, we didn’t know if he had knocked someone off of it with a two-by-four (Nic was that desperate to make the run), stole it off the streets or out of somebody’s garage, or just borrowed it (doubt it). While he lacked the cyclestealing skills of some of the better-known East Bay bike thieves, it seemed a sure bet Nic didn’t buy said Honda.

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