Concrete Materials: Problems and Solutions by M. Levitt, Levitt, Mauri Levitt Dr

By M. Levitt, Levitt, Mauri Levitt Dr

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It leads inevitably to the conclusion that there is a misdirection of effort in construction quality control. The main focus of testing should be on the construction rather than on the material or product. Why is there a concentration on specifications to resolve less than 18% of the problems? Presumably because it is fairly easy to specify materials, but difficult to specify or control design and workmanship. Whether this situation will change in the future remains to be seen. 1 COVERCRETE d OR k Although covercrete d and k are defined in the Glossary, some qualification may be useful.

None of these hammer-compacted kerb sections exhibited distress on weathering. This could have been due to their weaker and more elastic properties, coupled with the relatively larger number of voids that could have accommodated expansion products. Manufacturers of hydraulically pressed products would be unlikely to use such high PFA loadings, because this would necessitate an unacceptable increase in the pressing time. 1 IDENTIFICATION If this problem is ever found it is likely to be in the form of severe cracking and/or spalling, with visible ettringite-rich white crystalline deposits at the broken face.

5 on both sides of all materials tested, with no significant gradients. It is therefore logical to turn to what is known about personnel suffering cement burns on site. Two factors seem to be necessary. First, the spillage needs to be static and in contact with the skin for at least half an hour. Second, the skin where the spillage has taken place needs to be on a relatively warm part of the body. Cement burns do not appear to occur when the operative’s hands are in and out of concrete. These two conditions need to be correlated with the known cause of cement burns, which is necrosis, or in simple terms a caustic burning effect on skin, nerves and muscle.

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