Completely Prime Maximal Ideals and Quantization by William M. McGovern

By William M. McGovern

This monograph will entice graduate scholars and researchers drawn to Lie algebras. McGovern classifies the thoroughly major maximal spectrum of the enveloping algebra of any classical semisimple Lie algebra. He additionally experiences finite algebra extensions of thoroughly top primitive quotients of such enveloping algebras and computes their lengths as bimodules, attribute cycles, and Goldie ranks in lots of situations. This paintings marks an important enhance within the quantization application, which seeks to increase the equipment of (commutative) algebraic geometry to the surroundings of enveloping algebras. whereas such an extension can't be thoroughly conducted, this paintings indicates that many partial effects can be found.

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10. (ir> both are called ^-triangular. 18), the parameter m is an arbitrary nonnegative integer. We emphasize again that all exponents above denote repeated coordinates. 14 holds for i- or ft-triangular infinitesimal characters, as the relevant quotients of U(&) are induced as Dixmier algebras. 14 to any X'a having only integer (resp. only half-integer) coordinates and obtained from an z-triangular (resp. an /^-triangular) character by repeatedly tensoring by the trivial character on some gi(m) factor and then inducing.

Then the length of A is 9max(0,n—l)+max(0,m—1) (c) in type B, break up p0dd into chunks as in type D, but this time let n\ be the number of chunks of the first type. If there are no chunks of the third type, set n

13(j)) nc := £ 5 max(^(5) - 2 - fc5,0) where the sum of course runs over all relevant strings. At last we are ready to state the main theorem of this section. 14. With notation as above, the multiplicity ofV(U) in Ch(U) 1 in type A, 2nB in type B, 2nc in type C, and 2 m a x ( n D - 2 ' 0 ) in type D (so that it is independent of the choice of \'0 if O has only even terms, as noted above). Proof. 15 with the formula for the G-module structure of the coordinate ring R of V(U) in [43] (in fact, the rings U and R are isomorphic as G-modules in this case).

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