Communal Discord, Child Abduction, and Rape in the Later by J. Goldberg

By J. Goldberg

Did medieval ladies have the facility to settle on? this can be a query on the center of this publication which explores 3 proceedings from Yorkshire within the many years after the Black loss of life. Alice de Rouclif used to be a baby heiress made to marry the illegitimate son of the neighborhood abbot after which kidnapped by means of her feudal enhanced. Agnes Grantham was once a profitable businesswoman ambushed and assaulted in a woodland when on her solution to dine with the grasp of St Leonard's medical institution. Alice Brathwell used to be a good widow who attracted the attentions of a supposedly aristocratic conman. those are their tales.

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Future or de futuro contracts—“I will marry you when. ,” “it is my intention to marry you,” and so on—did not constitute marriages and could be displaced by a subsequent de presenti contract. A future contract could, however, be translated into an immediately binding marriage if the couple were to consummate the relationship subsequent to the contract; this act would be deemed as a nonverbal expression of a desire to make immediate what had previously been a future intent. 49 It follows that evidence for consummation served two important functions.

On the other hand the Latinity of the clerks is not particularly sophisticated. There is no attempt at literary elegance and the vocabulary used is comparatively restricted; in this sense the translation feels more like a fairly literal translation. Much the same point can be made in respect of the dates provided by witnesses. 12 The recording of time by reference to calendar months was probably a clerical convention and a feature of literary rather than oral culture. The use exclusively of saints’ days can, however, only have been reinforced by this ecclesiastical context.

31 Mothers could be made guardians of their own children, but such was not the usual arrangement. Normally guardianship would have been claimed by the senior male representative of the wider family. We may assume this to have been no less that the Sir Brian de Rouclif, by whose authority she was abducted in the summer of 1365. The abduction can thus be seen as an assertion of Sir Brian’s rights of guardianship over his young ward, which would have included control of her marriage, but his action was provoked by the events of the immediately preceding months.

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