Coherence Theory: The Case of Russian by Jens Noergard-Soerensen

By Jens Noergard-Soerensen

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Thus it is possible to give a convincing interpretation of certain cases of clear cancellability. This factor has probably been encouraging in the efforts to develop the test. It is, however, much more difficult to isolate clear cases of non-cancellability. Karttunen and Peters (1979: 9) even report a case where a presupposition (the complement of criticized) is cancelled: (41) John criticized Harry for writing the letter. Since the letter was actually written by Mary, it was quite unfair of John.

This gives rise to various expectations as to how the text at a given point is going to continue. 3. 2. Elements of knowledge sets Frequently little or no effort is made to specify whether knowledge should be regarded as some kind of mental continuum or as a set and - if it is considered a set - what kinds of element are to be allowed into this set. ). More surprisingly, the question does not seem to have been thoroughly considered at all in text linguistics. g. Beaugrande-Dressler: 85; Dijk-Kintsch: 311).

As pointed out, the ontological status of the semantic representation is that of a paraphrase expressible in natural language. 2. Adverbial categories. Subsets of knowledge and expectations Turning now to the presentation of coherence-marking adverbials I wish to draw attention to the order in which they will be introduced. The adverbials will be examined in groups. The grouping is accomplished so as to class together all adverbials containing a specific node of great semantic significance. This formulation in itself shows that the grouping is to a certain degree arbitrary and primarily serves the purposes of concentrating attention on obvious similarities between semantically related adverbials.

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