Coagulation in Cancer by Dougald M. Monroe, Maureane Hoffman (auth.), Hau C. Kwaan,

By Dougald M. Monroe, Maureane Hoffman (auth.), Hau C. Kwaan, David Green (eds.)

Coagulation in melanoma informs doctors operating within the box of melanoma of the pathophysiologic mechanisms of cancer-related thrombosis and bleeding. It presents assistance in spotting a few of the bleeding and clotting problems linked to melanoma and comprises present innovations for the administration of hemorrhage, and prevention and remedy of thrombosis within the sufferer with malignancy.

This quantity is a worthy addition to the literature on melanoma and coagulation.

"The complicated interface among melanoma and hemostasis is the focal point of this striking textual content. exotic figures within the box dissect the impression of melanoma on coagulation and coagulation on melanoma. A huge spectrum of themes are lined exploring mechanistic concerns and difficulties of scientific relevance."

Steven T. Rosen, M.D.
Series Editor

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