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The Alchemy Reader; From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton

The Alchemy Reader is a set of basic resource readings on alchemy and hermeticism, which deals readers an educated creation and historical past to a posh box in the course of the works of vital old, medieval and early glossy alchemical authors. together with choices from the mythical Hermes Trimegistus to Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton, the publication illustrates simple definitions, conceptions, and sundry pursuits and emphases; and it additionally illustrates the hugely interdisciplinary personality of alchemical concept and its hyperlinks with technology and medication, philosophical and spiritual currents, the visible arts and iconography and, in particular, literary discourse.

The shock of the ancient : literature & history in early modern France

The cultural conflict often called the Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns served as a sly conceal for extra deeply antagonistic perspectives concerning the price of literature and the humanities. essentially the most public controversies of early sleek Europe, the Quarrel has pretty much been depicted as pitting antiquarian conservatives opposed to the rebel critics of validated authority.

A Medieval Castle

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who outfitted them, how they have been built, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

M. Tullius Cicero, the fragmentary speeches : an edition with commentary

This quantity includes testimonia and fragments of Cicero's speeches that circulated in antiquity yet that have because been misplaced. This version comprises the fragmenta incertae sedis and an appendix on falsely pointed out oratorical fragments.

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He said he should stay one day at Puteoli, and another at Baiae. So here you have an account of this visit, or rather quartering of troops upon me, which I disliked the thoughts of, but which really, as I have said, gave me no annoyance. I shall stay here a little longer, then go to my house at Tusculum. [4] I heard that from Nicias". ] [Footnote 2: Literally, "he got himself oiled". ] In the following, he is anticipating a visit from his friend, and from the lady to whom he is betrothed. CHAPTER IX.

There is one comprehensive quality which may be said to lave been wanting in his nature, which clouded his many excellences, led him continually into false positions, and even in his delightful letters excites in the reader, from time to time, an impatient feeling of contempt. He wanted manliness. It was a quality which was fast dying out, in his day, among even the best of the luxurious and corrupt aristocracy of Rome. It was perhaps but little missed in his character by those of his contemporaries who knew and loved him best.

But when he arrived at Philippus's house[1] on the evening of the second day of the Saturnalia, the place was so full of soldiers that they could hardly find a spare table for Caesar himself to dine at. There were two thousand men. Really I was in a state of perplexity as to what was to be done next day: but Barba Cassius came to my aid,--he supplied me with a guard. They pitched their tents in the grounds, and the house was protected. He stayed with Philippus until one o'clock on the third day of the Saturnalia, and would see no one.

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