Character and Culture by Lester H. Hunt

By Lester H. Hunt

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S and marsfies, Eastern Siberia is a massive, efficiently drahed tableland that is void of major lakes, save one. That single exception is, by volume, the greatest freshwater lake in the world. It is also unequivocally thr deepest and oldest. Lake Raykal, which, is no younger than 20 million years-an average lake" life span is 15 Hlillion-is at its deepest 2,063 meters (5,715 ft) and contains more potable water than atZ five North American Grcilat takes combined. Belgiuzn-sized in area, the crescent-shaped Baykal is not particularly hpressive from a bird%-eyeview; but what it lacks in the horizontal plane it makes up in the vertical.

Of Christ, dual-race Gshtyks inhabited the Minushsk Basin cm- temporaneously with the Uemisey Kyrgya, direct ancestors of the modern Kyrgyz people who live in the TyanyShan' Mountains far to the southwest. Mixing farming with pastoralism, like the Andronovians and Karasuks before them, the Tfashtyks diversified. their occupance by breecJing domesticated reindeer, They also diffused into the Kuznetsk Basin. 2 Man of m i x c Bnmbla consisted of Scythians and SarSrepp, ~ c n the r lime of Cfzrisf,S O ~ C G.

Erested i,n subjugating the Baltic Livonians (coastal Estonia) than the peoples of the Si:berian Khanate. Encourraged by Ivan" disinterest, the precocious Kuchum roukd the army of the military governor of Perm' Province. Kuchum" victory naturally struck fear into the hearts of the residents of the province, especially those of the Stroganov family, Ivan l-rad granted the Skoganovs, who:had m d e their fortune as merchants and industrialists, vast tracts of land,newly acquired from the vanquished KazanTatars, just west of the Ural Mountains.

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