Chance Of A Lifetime by Jayne Ann Krentz

By Jayne Ann Krentz

While protection agent Abraham likelihood implicates her sister in an embezzlement scheme, Rachel Wilder takes a role posing as his housekeeper to determine the reality and transparent her sister's identify. Reissue.

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Rachel knew she would never have been able to adopt Chance’s casual attitude toward the whole matter. In fact, his attitude appalled her. This was his sister who was sitting here pleading for help and understanding. His young, pregnant, unwed sister. Didn’t the man have any sympathy or compassion at all? Chance was proving himself every bit as callous and unfeeling as she had once thought him. It shocked her to realize she had actually come close to telling him the full truth about herself that morning.

We’re both on the same side. “ Braxton leaned forward to drive home his next words. “ „There’s a name for that kind of threat,“ Rachel said. „I know. “ Braxton shook his head. „I don’t think so. I think you’ll agree to help me this time around. “ Braxton shrugged. „It’s the only scenario that fits your presence here as Chance’s so-called housekeeper. There’s no other reason for you to try a deception like that unless you’re out to do a little in-depth digging on the subject of Abraham Chance. “ she challenged furiously.

That’s why you’re masquerading as a housekeeper, isn’t it? Housekeepers have access to all kinds of personal information about their employers. It was a stroke of luck that Chance needed someone to help him fix up that old house. “ „I’m not as blind as Chance apparently is,“ Braxton assured her. „And I think you and I can work together on this project. I’m after the same things you are, Rachel. I want inside information, something I can use to really punch up the article I’m going to do on him.

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