Ceramic Industry November 2011 by Susan Sutton

By Susan Sutton

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505 Sharptown Rd. com FURNACES, CUSTOM SUPPLIERS AVS INC. 60 Fitchburg Rd. com CM FURNACES INC. 103 Dewey St. com DELTECH INC. 1007 E. com THERMCRAFT INCORPORATED 3950 Overdale Rd. com FURNACES, DEBINDING. 46 FURNACES, DEBINDING SUPPLIERS FURNACES, CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE. Controlled atmosphere furnaces allow full control of the flow conditions of all input gases to ensure optimum product quality. Atmospheres are generally classified as being inert (such nitrogen, argon or helium) or reducing (such as hydrogen or dissociated ammonia).

The extremities of the cold ends are metallized with aluminum to provide a low-resistance contact surface to which the electrical connections are made with flat braided aluminum straps. ). Molybdenum disilicide heating elements provide long service life, are easy to replace, and have low maintenance costs. New and old elements can be operated in the same control group. 6 watts per square centimeter at 1450°C (130 watts per square in. at 2640°F) furnace temperature. The elements can be used in most types of industrial furnaces for heat treatment forging, sintering, glass melting and refining for use in radiant tubes.

Com INSTRUMENTS, QC & QA. Quality control (QC) and quality analysis (QA) instruments are used in the ceramic industry to measure and analyze material properties, particle size, pore structure, surface area and overall product performance. They are also used to detect defects and ensure adherence to quality specifications. ) Supplier listings indicate paid advertising. INSTRUMENTS, QC & QA INSTRUMENTS, QC & QA SUPPLIERS BYK-GARDNER USA, BYK ADDITIVES AND INSTRUMENTS, ALTANA 9104 Guilford Rd. com INSTRUMENTS, THERMOGRAVIMETER.

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