Castles by Gary Jeffrey,Nick Spender

By Gary Jeffrey,Nick Spender

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The Alchemy Reader; From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton

The Alchemy Reader is a suite of basic resource readings on alchemy and hermeticism, which bargains readers an educated creation and historical past to a fancy box during the works of vital historical, medieval and early glossy alchemical authors. together with choices from the mythical Hermes Trimegistus to Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton, the publication illustrates uncomplicated definitions, conceptions, and sundry pursuits and emphases; and it additionally illustrates the hugely interdisciplinary personality of alchemical suggestion and its hyperlinks with technology and medication, philosophical and spiritual currents, the visible arts and iconography and, in particular, literary discourse.

The shock of the ancient : literature & history in early modern France

The cultural conflict often called the Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns served as a sly disguise for extra deeply hostile perspectives in regards to the worth of literature and the humanities. probably the most public controversies of early sleek Europe, the Quarrel has usually been depicted as pitting antiquarian conservatives opposed to the rebel critics of validated authority.

A Medieval Castle

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who outfitted them, how they have been built, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

M. Tullius Cicero, the fragmentary speeches : an edition with commentary

This quantity comprises testimonia and fragments of Cicero's speeches that circulated in antiquity yet that have on the grounds that been misplaced. This version comprises the fragmenta incertae sedis and an appendix on falsely pointed out oratorical fragments.

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28 on april 23, 1217, he did return with a fleet carrying a frightening new weapon unknown in england — a giant siege engine called a trebuchet. as the french approached, forces loyal to england’s new king, henry III, attacked the invaders’ camp on dover cliffs. weeeheeehee thak! louis and his fleet were forced to land further down at sandwich. 29 however, on may 12, the trebuchet was erected on the hill opposite dover castle. let loose! the massive counterweight tied to one end of the arm dropped, whipping the long arm around with gathering speed.

The end 35 Edward I Conquers Wales n fall 1294, the blackened, severed head of sheriff and tax collector roger de puleston hung from the doorway of his mansion in the english settlement of Caernarfon in wales. I a local noble, madog ap llywelyn, had led an uprising against the town, overrunning its castle and sacking its buildings. madog was the latest new “prince of wales,” or so he called himself, to try to overthrow english rule. 36 in january, 1295, english king edward I and an advance party of knights viewed the ruins of Caernarfon castle from a distance.

Hurrah! it looked as if the castle might hold. 32 while louis vainly attempted to breach dover castle, disaster struck at lincoln. english soldiers launched a surprise attack on the french, besieging its castle and completely defeating them. LINCOLN EAST ANGLIA louis’s last hope was the reinforcements that were coming from france. meanwhile, his enemy from dover, hubert de burgh, was leading an english fleet out toward them. signal to engage the enemy! 33 the french flagship (carrying a trebuchet) was surrounded by english ships and pelted with bags of quicklime, blinding its crew..

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