Captain's Paradise by Kay Hooper

By Kay Hooper

While Robin Stuart is pulled from the stormy seas, she will in basic terms grasp desperately to the fingers that encompass her. Robin has been too as regards to threat to not realize it back: within the eyes of the rugged, fearless guy. Michael Siran is a professional at enjoying harmful video games. yet from the instant the terrified attractiveness with the piercing gaze units foot on his send, he is touched through a real feel of objective. Robin insists on ultimate through his part - even supposing she is calling the area of a guy who trusts not anyone. Michael is set to offer her every little thing - if he can in simple terms make her needless to say even heroes are human, and that her braveness runs as deep as his love.

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She told me about the club she'd gone to—it's the Serendipity, by the way. " Michael half closed his eyes. " Robin felt defensive again. "Look, I wanted some insurance. " He sighed. "It was a smart move. " "I can call Teddy," Robin said, "and let her know I'm fine. Then we can—" She broke off suddenly, realizing something. " "Not if I have a choice, no," he admitted, frowning. She stared at his admittedly handsome profile and frowned herself, beginning to put certain things together as her mind began functioning with something like its normal clarity.

Her chin lifted. "And I know that. I'm not a fool, whatever you think, and I'm not stupid. But whether you like it or not, I'm a part of this. " "Do you? " Robin's frustration grew, and she tried to keep her voice calm and level. She felt cold inside, and afraid and alone, and the thought of facing those men again terrified her, but she couldn't let him see that. "Mr. " She ignored the tone. "Michael, you weren't with those girls. I was. I felt the needles, and the cruelty, and the terror of being kidnapped.

Robin wasn't entirely sure she had done the right thing in asking Michael Siran for help. Something about the man bothered her, made her wary. He neither moved nor spoke quickly, yet there was something almost electric about him, like a force of nature imperfectly contained. And all her senses reacted to that force, even in her dazed state, just as they would have reacted to a storm. She was aware of him on some level deeper than thought, curiously made more aware of her own body, her own beating heart.

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