Capillary Gas Adsorption Chromatography by V.G. Berezkin

By V.G. Berezkin

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2-12b and Fig. 2 mm) was connected to the column outlet (Fig. 2-12b) or inlet (Fig. 2-12c). The fact that the height of peak 1 is lower in Fig. 2-12b and Fig. 212c than in Fig. 2-12a indicates the existence of adsorption activity of the uncoated tube toward 2,3-butanediol. The uncoated capillary tube shows a significant adsorption activity toward dicyclohexylamine at 40°C (peak 9 in Fig. 2-12c). Therefore, uncoated fused-silica capillaries in capillary chromatography practically play the role of gas adsorption columns and they are used in routine gas-liquid chromatography (for instance, as retention gap).

Methods of modification of the adsorbent surface have resulted in the further development of absorptionladsorption chromatography, relying on the combined utilization of adsorption and dissolution (or partition) processes. New potentialities are offered now by adsorption chromatography due to the use of enhanced pressures and strongly adsorbable carrier gases”. A very interesting opinion on the evolution of gassolid chromatography was expressed by Giddings about thirty years ago [lo]. However, we think that Capillary Gas-Solid Chromatography Comparison of GSC and GLC 21 this estimation of gas-solid chromatography is still generally correct today.

43. , Komarek K. Kapilarni koloni v plynove chromatographii. ). 44. L. Quantitative Gas Chromatography. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1988. 45. M. Chem. Rev. 89 (1989) 287. Capillary Gas Adsorption Chromatography V. G. Berezkin and Jaap de Zeeuw Copyright 0 2002 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH i3 Co. g. [18]). Separation of compounds on these columns is mainly based on differences in the interactions of the molecules of chromatographed compounds with a liquid stationary phase. 3-111. The important role of gas-solid chromatography has been stressed by many researchers.

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