Border Prey by Jessica Speart

By Jessica Speart

Even homicide is greater In TexasPrimates are being smuggled over the Mexican border, and U.S. Fish and flora and fauna Agent Racheal Porter has a scorching tip that they are hidden someplace at the satisfied searching Ranch. undesirable sufficient that the sport ranch presents infrequent antelopes, Indian deer, and African oryx for the wealthy to seek. Now Rachel's yes the hidden unlawful chimps are getting used for a much more nefarious objective than unique aim practice.But whilst a smuggler is murdered mins earlier than Rachel can get his insider info, and a mysterious thug comes gunning for her after she reveals enemy territory. For at the border, the place coyotes roam and mountain lions prowl, the rule of thumb is kill or be killed, and Rachel's not a hunter-now she's develop into the prey.

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Krabbs won’t be able to see you today,” she said between clenched teeth. ” I turned sideways and body-slammed Big Red, shoving her out of my way. I sprinted down the hall, but my colonel was nowhere in sight. I shoved open the lodge door and dashed outside, with Twinkle Toes hot on my heels. Krabbs had already climbed into one of the motorized zebras, and started its snorting engine. This was no time to worry about manners. I made a mad dash for the Jeep, jumped inside, and set my fanny on the seat beside him.

Krabbs nearly swallowed his bullet. “Who the hell do you think I am? ” “No,” I answered. ” Krabbs slowly rolled the shell in his mouth once more before spitting it into the palm of his hand. “I’ve decided I like you. ” I caught his eye BORDER PREY / 27 roaming down over my form before coming back up to meet my gaze. “Besides, you’re pretty good looking for a fed. ,” he said, with a wink. ” He threw the zebra’s throttle into drive. ” Velma asked in alarm, firmly holding on to the jeep with both hands.

U. deliberately ignored my question. “God knows, I’ve done my level best to try and make ’em understand that what I’m doing here is helping to save wildlife. Hell, if this place didn’t make the money it does, I’d be tempted to sell it off to a developer who’d slap up shopping malls and yuppie ranchettes faster than you could lasso a steer. ” I already knew Krabbs well enough to suspect there was a practical reason for his wanting to protect the identity of the intruders. “I’m going to have to file a report on this,” I bluffed.

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