Blue Skies (Mira) by Robyn Carr

By Robyn Carr

3 friends--Nikki Burgess, who simply regained custody of her kids; Dixie McPherson, who's trying to find real love; and Carlisle Bartlett, who harbors a depressing secret--get a moment probability at existence and love after they subscribe to a brand new airline in Las Vegas, taking a big gamble on their desires. unique.

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But Dixie was not upset. The truth was she’d be happy if people found out about them, because Branch was handsome, successful and sweet. What could be bad about finally falling in love with a great guy? So what if it complicated the work thing? They’d downplay it a little. But how long were they supposed to continue this ridiculous game of pretending not to know each other? Dixie was sure it showed all over her face every time she heard Branch’s name. Moments later the passengers started to stream aboard, and once everyone was safely seated, the plane pushed back and nosed toward the runway.

He looked around. The captain’s back was to the door, there were no connecting passengers in first class, and there didn’t seem to be any flight attendants nearby. He grabbed her and gave her a nice, long kiss, his large hand planted on her butt. “Missed you,” he said against her lips. The lav door opened and Bea, another crew member, stepped out. Smiling, she said, “Ha! ” But Dixie was not upset. The truth was she’d be happy if people found out about them, because Branch was handsome, successful and sweet.

Buy them now,” Conway said. He encouraged a vice president to send his secretary home to take care of her desperately handicapped baby and paid her salary for whatever work she could manage at home. , for Memorial Day remembrances and was the creator of the policy of sick leave that went like this: You’re sick? We’ll pay you till you’re well, no matter how long it takes. But the events of 9/11, unsurprisingly, brought out his best. National Airlines, once profitable and successful, had been feeling the strain of a troubled economy and rising fuel prices.

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