Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Polymers by D. Labarre, et al.,

By D. Labarre, et al.,

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There are many other physicochemical mechanisms that can result in the formation of gels from polymer solutions. Indeed, polymer gels may also be obtained by formation of hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic interactions and formation of crystallised domains. This is the case for cellulose, which is highly crystalline and swells into water without dissolving, despite the fact that it is not chemically cross-linked. On the other hand, dextrans, which are also polymers of glucose, are water-soluble when non-cross-linked.

This is fundamentally different from the previously described particles that form only when applying a more or less sophisticated preparation method and that are not destroyed by simple dilution with an excess of dispersing medium. Micelles are characterised by a well-defined structure; this results from the aggregation of the amphiphilic Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Polymers Chapter No. 2 Dated: 21/9/2010 At Time: 10:12:50 44 | Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Polymers copolymers in such a way that the surface energy at the interface between the aggregate and the dispersing medium is minimal.

These properties may also influence the drugrelease properties of drug-delivery devices. 4). This characterisation is also useful in order to determine whether a polymer material is a hard or soft solid or a liquid at a given temperature. In general, the thermal properties of polymers are investigated using a calorimetric method. The most used method is differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), which consists of measuring the difference in energy input or of heat flow between a sample and a reference material when both are subjected to controlled heating and cooling programmes.

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