Battles in the Desert & Other Stories by José Emilio Pacheco

By José Emilio Pacheco

Seven tales depict harsh realities of lifestyles in city Mexico and the tragedies of early life innocence betrayed.

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Chimney Rock • ^160 ^ 1^^ \ a MC-3-888 MC-1-688 1 0 mile . 1 1 FIGURE 3-5 Map of access route to the Mancos Canyon stops. S. Highway 666). 2 Purpose In this part of the San Juan Basin the Point Lookout Sandstone reaches its maximum thickness of > 100 m in spectacular exposures that clearly display the forma­ tion's individual component shoreface cycles. , 1941; Molenaar, 1983a]. Shoreline regression occurred in a stepwise fashion, resulting in a series of thick benches and thin steps composed of individual transgressive-regressive shoreface couplets, or cycles [Hollenshead and Pritchard, 1961; Wright, 1986].

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