Auntie Mayhem by Mary Daheim

By Mary Daheim

Although lurching via London is ever so jolly, hostess on-holiday Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cantankerous cousin Renie are anticipating an unharried weekend at a true English state manor. They locate the property taxing, besides the fact that, what with traveling family members crowding each corner and cranny of Ravenscroft residence, whereas its awesomely elderly mistress, Aunt Petulia, holds court—until a field of poisoned candies speeds up the dour dowager's loss of life. quickly Judith and Renie are as much as their American necks in a muck of homicide such a lot British—as they got down to unearth a deadly family members secret...and unmask the wrongdoer who used to be anti-Auntie sufficient to do the outdated lady in.

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Claire let out a little squeal; Charles muttered his disapproval. But Nats tossed her head, the short, chic raven tresses dancing. ” She turned to first one Marchmont, then the other. “You both feel the same way. This family doesn’t mark time by counting the days until Whitsunday or Michaelmas or Harrod’s annual clearance sale. We’re all sitting around waiting for Aunt Pet to die. We live off her every whim, we jump whenever she cocks a furry white eyebrow, we couldn’t afford tinned tuna if she didn’t dole out the money.

Troublesome, that’s what they are. Always getting mislaid and Dora can never find them. You’d be astounded by some of the sights I’ve seen out this window. People think no one’s watching. Some of them behave in a most shocking manner. ” For a brief moment, her sharp features quivered, as if in revulsion. Then she lifted her pointed chin and gave the cousins a rueful look. “Can scarcely see a thing up close. Had to give up reading and solving the jumble puzzles. A great nuisance, but nobody’s written a decent book since R.

Donald has a good head on his shoulders. Computerized the operation and all that. The pater wouldn’t have turned everything over to his son-in-law if he hadn’t. But I set my own sights higher. Couldn’t stand the reek of fish, frankly. ” He chuckled into his spoon. They had just begun sipping their soup when a loud crash 38 / Mary Daheim resounded from the direction of the kitchen. Claire jumped, spilling the contents of her spoon onto her lap. Fortunately, the soup was lukewarm. Shouts ensued, Millie and another female, both angry and hurling insults.

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