Atlas of Cancer Mortality in Poland 1975–1979 by Ass. Prof. Dr. med. sc. Witold Zatonski, Dr. sc. hum.

By Ass. Prof. Dr. med. sc. Witold Zatonski, Dr. sc. hum. Nikolaus Becker (auth.)

The first ebook of melanoma mortality info in Po­ ners, study employees and political specialists for land came about a hundred years in the past in 1888. The evalua­ info on frequencies, time developments, and spatial tion of such info used to be tremendously more desirable within the early distributions of different melanoma websites. Nineteen Sixties while the Polish melanoma Registry was once estab­ Secondly, it might advertise epidemiological learn lished on the Maria Sldodowska-Curie Memorial on causal components choosing melanoma prevalence in melanoma Institute in Warszawa. info from this regis­ Poland. during this connection, it needs to be stored in brain attempt to their epidemiological research supplied the that the presentation of geographical distribution of foundation for making plans melanoma keep watch over in Poland. The illnesses can't on its own supply facts for any nationwide melanoma Programme approved a improve­ speculations on causal relationships. melanoma map­ ment of entire melanoma centres and melanoma ping bargains a helpful foundation for acquiring new in­ examine. attractions and growing new hypotheses. The evidence will modifications in melanoma occurrence and mortality ob­ need to be left to the extra subtle study meth­ served in a number of areas of Poland were eval­ ods of modem epidemiology, that is additionally pursued uated in the past twenty years utilizing information col­ at our institutes.

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24 LIP - ICD 140 Average Values 1975-1979 I Females Males Cases Stand. Mort. Rate Cum. Mort. Rate Confidence limits Cases Stand. Mort. Rate Cum. Mort. 07 Poland Kalisz Katowice Kielce Konin Koszalin Krakow Krosno I I I ! I I I S~cz LIP - ICD 140 Average Values 1975-1979 Females Males Cases Stand. Mort. Rate Cum. Mort. Rate Confidence limits Cases Stand. Mort. Rate Cum. Mort. 8. Cancers of the oesophagus are more frequent in men than in women. Mortality of men increases rapidly after the age of 40 to reach the maximum of 50 cases per 100000 in men aged about 75.

3). 1). 4). 3. 4 for women in 1978. Analysis of Data from the Provinces, 1975-1979 The stomach is one of the few cancer sites whic shows higher mortality rates in rural areas than i towns. This predominance is not great, about 10% and it is tending to decrease. 6 times more frequently in men than i women and this difference increases with time (2. in 1963). 9 times greater than the lowest figure, whil only a few provinces have mortality rates below 3 per 100000. 77). 62). Cancer of the stomach shows a peculiar geograph· cal pattern.

X"'.... ,' . J \ 1 1 \ ,. I ,,1 _/ \ I --,"', 1910 55 - .. A I 1"\1 \ (\,/ V t'\ p 50 - 54 10 I 6 Temporal trend of mortality in individual age groups/women a 100 moles /, 80 8 ,--, • I females I I I " 2 I I ,-,-' ,- ,' ,--' 80 \ II I I ~ I I I" \ \ females I /1 I /1 I I I 1I ,7 /I females ,/ I", 11185 moles 1 i " I 20 1910 \ \ I 1 / 1 f40 " .... -, .... ' \ / I I 1 .... \ I \ I 8 g I I , I 11170 11175 1910 11185 year. Temporal trend of the age-adjusted mortality rates for men and women o 25 50 75 100 age (years) Mortality depending on age in two sample years for men and women RECTUM - ICD 154 100 50 80 40 1881-1885 0 0 0 ...

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