Architecture for the Poor: An Experiment in Rural Egypt by Hassan Fathy

By Hassan Fathy

Structure for the negative describes Hassan Fathy's plan for development the village of recent Gourna, close to Luxor, Egypt, with no using extra glossy and costly fabrics comparable to metal and urban. utilizing dust bricks, the local procedure that Fathy discovered in Nubia, and such conventional Egyptian architectural designs as enclosed courtyards and vaulted roofing, Fathy labored with the villagers to tailor his designs to their wishes. He taught them tips to paintings with the bricks, supervised the erection of the constructions, and inspired the revival of such historic crafts as claustra (lattice designs within the mudwork) to beautify the constructions.

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In fact many features of great architectural beauty can no more be represented by geometrical projections on a plan than can a great piece of sculpture. 29 Individuality in the Village common decoration in a city house, but when I asked Ismail how many others apart from himself practiced the craft, he could think of only one man, moallem Loutfy. I asked Ismail if he was teaching his craft to his children. " "What do you want me to do? Do you know that we often don't have anything to eat. No one wants my work today.

The result is hideous and inhuman; a million families are bundled into these ill-fitting cells without being able to say a word about the design, and however much science is applied to the grading of families and the matching of them to their dwellings, the majority are bound to be discontented. By applying statistical averages to housing, these architects ignore an elementary warning to all amateur wielders of statistics. The statisticians themselves tell us that though the characteristics of a whole population are stable, the individuals in this population vary unpredictably.

300 per acre. However attractive may have been the project of at last building a whole village, it was also somewhat daunting to be presented with fifty acres of virgin land and seven thousand Gournis who would have to create a new life for themselves there. All these people, related in a complex web of blood and marriage ties, with their habits and prejudices, their friendships and their feuds-a delicately balanced social organism intimately integrated with the topography, with the very bricks and timber of the village-this whole society had, as it were, to be dismantled and put together again in another setting.

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