Arbeitsbuch zur theoretischen Physik : Repetitorium und by Torsten Fließbach, Hans Walliser

By Torsten Fließbach, Hans Walliser

In den beliebten Lehrbüchern zur Theoretischen Physik von Torsten Fließbach werden zahlreiche Übungsaufgaben gestellt, aber keine Lösungen angegeben. Das vorliegende Buch bietet – auf vielfachen Wunsch von Lesern – Musterlösungen an, und zwar für die Gebiete Mechanik, Elektrodynamik, Quantenmechanik und Statistische Physik.

Etwa ein Drittel des Buchs besteht aus einem knappen Repetitorium des Stoffs zur Mechanik, Elektrodynamik, Quantenmechanik und Statistischen Physik, das auch als Hilfe bei Prüfungsvorbereitungen gedacht ist.

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The Iron Law of Verhulst 35 of The Fifth discipline [19]. His main message is that Systems Thinking is indispensable for understanding and curing organizational problems. Unfortunately the human mind has difficulty in abandoning linear thinking, which was well adapted to local conditions of human societies in the past, but becomes far less adapted to global societies today. Senge further argues that, in numerous cases, simple systems often consisting of two to three basic feedback loops (FBL) provide a sufficient insight on what is going wrong in the enterprise.

Investors therefore help stabilizing the stock prices. By contrast positive loops, activated by short-term traders (βS-investors) are responsible for amplifying perturbations or rumours. Sometimes such a loop can act as a virtuous circle, in case it triggers a desired growth effect in prices thanks to long-term strategies of βL-investors. Sometimes the loop acts as a vicious circle, because it amplifies the market volatility, or it triggers crashes. In the EM model, the two roles will be played in turn.

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