An Introduction to Lightning by Vernon Cooray (auth.)

By Vernon Cooray (auth.)

This e-book approximately lightning summarizes the essence of physics and results of lightning in a non-technical demeanour and gives an up to date description of the phenomenon of lightning in uncomplicated language. beginning with the myths on the topic of lightning, the reader is brought to the mechanism of lightning flashes and their interactions with people, human-made platforms and Earth’s setting. lots of the on hand books on lightning are written for the specialists within the box and there's a desire for a e-book that introduces the undergraduate and starting publish graduate scholars to the topic of lightning and prepares them for extra complex books intended for the specialists. This introductory publication, that's in response to a sequence of lectures given to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars in electric engineering, is meant to fill this desire. adapted to the desires of collage scholars who plan to check electric engineering, meteorology, environmental or simple physics, it's also a important reference source for laymen who're attracted to realizing extra in this phenomenon.

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1 A point charge is located at point O. 2 Electric Potential of Point Charge Consider a point charge at point O. The potential of point P due to the presence of the point charge is V¼ q : 4πε0 r ð3:2Þ This is the amount of work that must be done (or the energy necessary) to bring a point charge of 1 C from infinity (where the potential is zero) to point P. The potential is measured in volts. Thus, the work necessary (measured in Joules) to bring a charge q1 from infinity to point P is W¼ qq1 : 4πε0 r ð3:3Þ At the same time, if the charge q1 is moved from point P to infinity, then the amount of energy released is also equal to the value given by Eq.

Other charge distributions could also be assumed, but the procedure for calculation is the same. We also assume that the leader channel moves down at a uniform speed equal to v. Just before the creation of the leader the electric field at a horizontal distance d from the thundercloud is Ei ¼ þ Q h2 Q h3 À : À Á À 3=2 2πε0 h2 þ d 2 2πε0 h2 þ d2 Á3=2 2 3 ð3:47Þ At time t after the generation of the leader, the physical situation is depicted in Fig. 16a. During this time the leader travels a distance of vt.

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