An Illustrated Dictionary of Art and Archaeology by J W MOLLETT


The Illustrated Dictionary of artwork and Archaeology includes definitions of hundreds of thousands of phrases and greater than seven hundred illustrations dedicated to a large base of subject material lower than the commonly- inclusive heading of paintings and Archaeology. integrated during this definitive paintings are phrases utilized in structure and in such comparable matters as pottery, dress, furnishings, armor, heraldry, weaving, decoration, jewellery, track, and ecclesiastical ritual. Needlework, ivories, goldsmithery, and pigments also are greatly taken care of, as are Greek, Roman, and Christian antiquities. the entire compilations that went into the full paintings have been drawn from major gurus in all the designated topic branches.

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25. Point d'Anglettrre. of serpents are Pompeii these representation found in the bakehouses, kitchens, and similar places where cleanliness is The same term was applied in the peculiarly desirable. to a military ensign shape of a serpent. Anime. Fig. 26. Gum animeisa resin, which is mixed making varnish, causing it to dry Templum in antis. with copal in quickly and firmly. Animosi of Milan. One of the Italian literary academies. " (Mutual help Square or rectangular pilasters Antae, R. supporting the walls of a temple, which was thence called templum in antis, (Fig.

29. Archaic Antefixa in terra cotta. seen at the Louvre, and in the museums of Perugia, Florence, and Naples. The Antefixa of the Parthenon were of marble. (Fig. ) Antemural. term referring either to the outworks protecting the approach to a castle, or to the wall surrounding the castle. Antenna, R. The yard-arm of a ship. Antepagmentum, R. The jamb of a door. AntepagmeniHm superius, the lintel. A Antependium. Richly ornamented hangings of precious metal, wood, or textile fabrics, in front of a Christian altar.

Ambrices, R. The cross laths {regula) inserted between the rafters and the tiles of a roof. Ambry see Almery. Ambulant, Her. In the act of walking. Ambulatory, Chr. {ambulo, to walk). Part of a cloister, forming a kind of gallery for taking exercise in. Amenti or Amenthi, Egyp. One of the names given to the nether world of the Egyptians. It means the unseen region. learn from Plutarch's treatise on Osiris that, " the subterranean regions whither souls betake themselves ; We after death is called Amenthes.

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