An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl by Frances Karttunen

By Frances Karttunen

This can be a finished smooth dictionary of the key indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and lots of in their friends. Nahuatl audio system turned literate inside a new release of touch with Europeans, and an unlimited literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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S gives this with a double vowel medially and an absolutive suffix and analyzes it as a compound of CIHUA-TL and AYO-TL,but C has this in a section with -OQUICHYO 'semen,' both apparently inalienably possessed forms of the corresponding nouns, although it is not impossible that -YOH is intended. ' See CIHuA-TL, -YO. See CIHUA-TL, YOLQUI. See CIHUA-TL, -YO. See CIMA-TL, PAH-TLI. 75]. LI corncrib / granero, troje (Z! ' See CIHuA-TL, MON-TLI. 83r]. M has ciuanacayo 'weak, effeminate man,' which probably represents CIHUANACAYOH.

See CAXAHpAz-TLI, CONE- TL. 99,r4S]. See CAX(I)-TL, AHPAZ-TLI. 60,II8,r4S]. One of the three attestations has the vowel of the second syllable marked long. See CAXAN(I). CAXAN(I) to loosen, slacken; to lose courage / aflojarse 10 atado (M), se ablanda, se suaviza, se afloja (T) See CAXALTle. CAXANIA vIe{1, vt to relapse into sickness; to loosen, unstring something / recaer el enfermo (M), aflojar 10 atado, 0 desarmar la ballestra, y aflojar el arco jM) See CAXAN(I). CAxANILIA applic. CAXAN(I) CAxANiLD nonact.

See COHCOTON(A). COHCOTON(A) vt to pluck, shred, crumble somethingj to cut, pinch, wound someone / desmenuzar 0 despedazar pan 0 cosa semejante 1M), pellizcar a otro (M) redup. COTON(A) COHU(A) vt to buy something / comprar algo 1M) COHUALO nonact. COHU(A) COHUIA vrefl to buy something for oneself / comprar algo para sl (M)See COHUIA). COHUILIA applic. COHU(A) COHUILO nonact. COHU/A) *COL something twisted This is found only as an element of derivations, not in absolutive form. It is not clear whether it is derivationally related to COL-LI 'grandfather' or just homophonous with it.

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