An analytic counterexample to the KAM theorem by Bessi U.

By Bessi U.

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Sulfurreducens: (A) ESEM image of biogenic vivianite; (B) EDS spectrum of vivianite; (C) identification of vivianite by XRD. , 1983). In our experiments the phosphate was present as a constituent of the growth medium, which reacted with biogenic ferrous iron, leading to the formation of a new mineral phase with the potential to sorb arsenic. The microbial precipitation of ferrihydrite is widespread in nature. , 1994). Iron mineralization has commonly been divided into two modes: biologically controlled mineralization and biologically facilitated mineralization (Konhauser, 1997): as, for example, magnetite formation by magnetotactic bacteria, representing biologically controlled mineralization in which the particles are formed inside bacterial cells templated by a specific internal membrane (Blakemore, 1991).

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