All Night with a Rogue by Alexandra Hawkins

By Alexandra Hawkins

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Jane and Luca's tale maintains . .. yet now not particularly as that they had deliberate. whilst demanding situations and threats from the immortal global of Nissilum rip the younger enthusiasts aside, Jane is bereft. with out Luca's dancing eco-friendly eyes, and delicate smile, Jane feels misplaced, unhappy and by myself. yet then a visit to Paris along with her grandmother thrusts her within the direction of the amiable Soren - a kindred spirit who can be simply the distraction she wishes .

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An unintelligible cry of exasperation resounded from the study of their rented town house, shaking Juliana from her musings. She swiftly altered her course from the breakfast room to the small study. Something had upset her mother. She rarely made use of the study at such an early hour. As Juliana peered within, she discovered her mother seated at the oversized mahogany desk. There were several sheets of paper scattered on the desk; however, it was the one in her hand that was the source of the lady’s outrage.

Masculine and feminine laughter greeted him when he entered the room. Only four of the seven founding members of their club were present this evening. Reign, who seemed determined to ignore the stifling duties as Earl of Rainecourt, was stretched out on the sofa with a female companion tucked under each arm. Vane, the Earl of Vanewright, was across the room on another sofa cuddling a very affectionate wench on his lap while Saint, the Marquess of Sainthill, and Frost, the Earl of Chillingsworth, strategically circled the twelve-feet by six-feet billiard table positioned in the middle of the room.

It was then that she realized Sin’s mouth was a hair’s breadth away from hers. A sudden strong wind could have satisfied her curiosity and ended her just-realized torment. No, this was wrong. He was all wrong for her. He could be married, a rake, or a fortune hunter. Her mother had plans for Juliana and her sisters. Whoever Sin was, she was certain that he did not fit in Maman’s grand schemes. Juliana cleared her throat, breaking the spell of enchantment. Blinking rapidly, she turned her face away and cast her eyes downward to the ground.

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