Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the by Lee Siegel

By Lee Siegel

From the writer hailed by way of the New York instances publication overview for his “drive-by brilliance” and dubbed by way of the New York Times Magazine as “one of the country’s so much eloquent and acid-tongued critics” comes a ruthless problem to the traditional knowledge in regards to the so much consequential cultural improvement of our time: the net.

Of path the web isn't really something or one other; if whatever, its boosters declare, the net is every thing instantaneously. It’s turn into not just our basic medium for conversation and data but in addition where we visit store, to play, to discuss, to discover love. Lee Siegel argues that our ever-deepening immersion in life on-line doesn’t simply reshape the standard rhythms of our days; it additionally reshapes our minds and tradition, in methods with which we haven’t but reckoned. the internet and its cultural correlatives and by-products—such because the dominance of truth tv and the increase of the “bourgeois bohemian”—have grew to become privateness into functionality, play into trade, and careworn “self-expression” with artwork. or even as expertise authorities ply their alternate using the language of freedom and democracy, we cede a growing number of keep watch over of our freedom and individuality to the desires of the machine—that confluence of commercial and know-how whose limitations now stretch to surround just about all human task.

Siegel’s argument isn’t a Luddite intervention opposed to the net itself yet particularly a bracing attraction for us to cope with how it is reworking us all. Dazzlingly erudite, jam-packed with startlingly unique insights, and buoyed by way of sharp wit, Against the Machine will strength you to determine our culture—for greater and worse—in a completely new way.

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