After Life - Novella by Simon Funk

By Simon Funk

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But no, obviously the numbers just weren’t adding up, so I kept following the chain of supply back until I hit the key questions: Where does the wheat come from? Are there farms within the boundary as well? No, randomly enough, the (one) church supplies wheat to the entire city! And where does the church get the wheat? Why, the fountain of wheat, of course. ” Yes, according to Laura, there is a fountain in the church in the middle of town which just spews wheat, constantly. I wanted to ask her if she didn’t find this just a little bit odd.

Not sure I want to analyze that too deeply. I’m half giddy to discover I have superpowers, but am 43 also struck with the irony of being here, in the Pit of Eden, where I can’t imagine ever having use for them. Except the x-ray vision. But I’m sure even that will get old. Maybe. Clearly I don’t belong here. I want to get back to my lab, to the world topside, out of this pit, to my friends—or their descendants, or whatever is on the other side of my lone star in the sky. Why hasn’t anyone noticed the open door yet?

I wonder where the inventors and scientists are. The whole concept of technological progress seems both foreign and unnecessary to Laura. Has the population been drugged into apathy? Or if necessity is the mother of invention, is utopia its grim reaper? I wonder if I could build a hot air balloon and travel to the stars... 36 CHAPTER 6. ECONOMICS Chapter 7 Breathless I was having dinner with a woman. She was familiar to me in the dream, but no one I know in real life. ” I remember thinking—in the dream—am I not a man?

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