Adbusters, Issue 92: The Carnivalesque Rebellion Issue

The most recent factor of Adbusters #92 – The Carnivalesque uprising factor – is a theoretical and functional consultant to the seven days of motion this November. visitor paintings Director Pedro Inoue.

In the issue:

Andrew Tuplin on relocating your money
Blake Sifton on Wikileaks
Kitty Werthmann on becoming up lower than fascism
Simon Critchley on civil disobedience

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Jules Simon, Victor Cousin, 4th edn (Paris: Hachette, 1910) pp. 119-21. See Roger Magraw, France 1815-1914: the Bourgeois Century (London: Fontana,1983). Simon, op. , p. 115. '. My translation attempts to convey the nineteenth-century distinction in function between the preparatory classes for entry into universities or 'grandes «oles' and the baccalaureat examination which marked the endpoint of secondary schooling. Naturally, this does not precisely map against the present-day French system, much less against a comparable English language equivalent.

34 French Literature, Thought and Culture The development of academic philosophy, even at its highest levels, was in part a response to this structural problem. lules Simon explained somewhat wryly: Since the same programme served for both school leaving and university entrance there could be no question of an orthodox philosophy being imposed in examinations in the name of the State. Therefore no system was imposed. 19 It is striking that Simon's identikit picture of university philosophy is almost the complete antithesis of the thought of the French philosophes, and certainly the opposite of materialist.

Philosophical materialism led a subterranean existence in the nineteenth century, to an extent which marks it out as the perpetual shadow of the dominant schools of thought, the repressed which always threatened to return, and the ideological spectre which haunted France throughout the century. Between the apparent absence of materialism from the period and the period's apparent absence from later thought there is a relationship, though it is not a simple or direct one. The process of exploring the fate of materialism will, I hope, shed light on the silence in which posterity has shrouded nineteenth-century philosophy.

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