Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems: An by John H. Holland

By John H. Holland

Stable, even though, the directory didn't say that this article was once geared for Ph.D.'s in arithmetic.

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Coal " Mining Input Output I f TYPICAL ACTIVITIES: " Coal " Storage Input Output Matrix W' (CombiningActivity Outputs ) 3/2 000000 0 100004 0 010000 0 001300 0 000010 0000 Matrix W (Combining Activity Input Reauirements ) ON - 0 0 0 1 00 - Iron Ore Steel Tools 0 TYPICALPRODUCTION : SEQUENCE - w ~" I I \ II W' . \ ~N ~ I ~

What is n ? What are the mechanisms of adaptation? What is mt? What part of the history of its interactionwith the environmentdoes the organism(system , organization ) retain in addition to that summarized in the structuretested? What is 3? What limits are thereto the adaptiveprocess What is X? es to be Corn about) adaptiveprocess How are different(hypotheses pared? in NaturalandArtificialSystems Adaptation 3. COMPARISON WITH THE DUBINS-SAVAGEFORMALIZATION OF THE GAMBLER' S PROBLEM . . much of the mathematicalessence of a theory of gamblingconsistsof the discoveryand demonstrationof sharpinequalitiesfor stochasticprocess es.

Ifa mixture of activities is allowed, the overall technology can be specifiedas the set of pairs ' {( Wc, W c) : 3 CE: Q} where Wand W' are matriceshaving the vectors Wj and w ; as their respectivejth columns, each c is a vector having the level of the jth activity as its jth component, and Q designatesthe set of admissible activity mixes (corresponding to the real constraintslimiting the total activity at any time). A program for utilizing the technology is given by a sequenceof activities (c,) satisfyingthe intuitive " local" requirement that the total amount of each good required as input for the activities at time Illustrations " Tool " Fabrication Output .

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