Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Bononiensis: Proceedings of the by Richard J. Schoeck (ed.)

By Richard J. Schoeck (ed.)

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61) Cicero retells the famous tale of the sword of Damocles. The courtier Damocles, with the excessive zeal of a professional flatterer, claimed that no mortal was happier than King Dionysus of Syracuse. The king then allowed Damocles to sample this happiness with a couch of gold and a table lavishly set— except that a sword was suspended by a horse's hair above the head of Damocles, who promply begged to be allowed to remove himself. Cicero concludes the story by asking whether King Dionysus had made his point that nothing gives pleasure to a man threatened by death.

Le débat à l'origine limité à quelques cercles de lettrés et de savants parlant et correspondant en latin s'élargit singulièrement et prit une ampleur peu commune. LE SYSTEME DE COPERNIC 28 Dans le Zodiacus vitae, mis à l'index en 1558, s'il est naturel de trouver l'emploi de poncifs cosmologiques ou la présence de concepts ptoléméens, il est étonnant de relever quelques intuitions originales qui confèrent à l'œuvre et un modernisme inattendus. ^ L'ouvrage divisé en douze livres, renvoyant aux douze signes zodiacaux, reflète par sa composi- tion un attachement aux données traditionnelles de la cosmologie.

Giovanni Boccaccio, Genealogiae Deoium Gentilium, a cura di V. Romano, p. 370. 2 vols. (Bari, 1951), i, 233. 9. Adagia, Id est, Pioveibionun, Paioemiaium, et Paiabolarum omnium quae apud Giaecos ... , in usu fuerunt, collectio ahsolutissima, edited by J. -J. Frankfurt, 1643), p. 590, art. Homo bomini deus. This is taken from the edition many times printed in the seventeenth century, containing the adages of many humanists beside Erasmus and some of the most complete indexes. 10. Operum Aiistotelis TomusJI, (edited by Isaac Casaubon], (Lyon, 1590), p.

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