Absolute Values of Neutrino Masses - Status and Prospects by S. Bilensky

By S. Bilensky

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The results of many experiments on the search for (ββ)0ν -decay are available at present (see Refs. [23, 124]). No indication in favor of (ββ)0ν -decay have been obtained up to now11 . ) (IGEX) . 35) eV (Heidelberg-Moscow) , (IGEX) . 13) Many new experiments for the search of neutrinoless double-β decay are in preparation at present (see Table 1 and Ref. [23]). 14) are expected to be achieved12 . An evidence for neutrinoless double-β decay would be a proof that neutrinos with definite masses νi are Majorana particles and that neutrino masses have an origin beyond the Standard Model.

This phenomenon comes to an end when neutrinos cease to free-stream as they become non-relativistic and can cluster with the cold components of dark matter for all scales that are larger than the Hubble radius at the time the neutrinos become non-relativistic. 03(mν /1 eV)1/2 Ω1/2 . e. for k ≥ knr ) the growth of perturbations is suppressed. So neutrino mass influences the power spectrum of cosmological structure at small scales. The loss of power on small scales can be approximated by [176] ∆P Ων .

From Eq. 26) we have R(A, Z/A′, Z ′ ) ≡ 0ν T1/2 (A, Z) 0ν T1/2 (A′ , Z ′) = |M(A′ , Z ′ )|2 G0ν (E0′ , Z ′ ) . 28) Thus, if the neutrinoless double β -decay of different nuclei is observed, the calculated ratios of the corresponding squared nuclear matrix elements can be confronted with the experimental values. Table 2 shows the ratios of the lifetimes of (ββ)0ν -decay of several nuclei, calculated in six different models, using the values of the lifetimes given in Ref. [154]. As it is seen from Table 2, the calculated ratios vary within about one order of magnitude.

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