Above Top Secret: Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age by Jim Marrs

By Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs has proven himself among the numerous different conspiracy researchers in bringing substitute perspectives and data to the loads in a palatable and coherent shape. With themes of conspiracy mendacity at the edge of mainstream acceptability, Marrs has still touched a nerve with the general public at huge together with his skill to stroll the high-quality line among incredulity and the wonderful.

whereas the majority of Marrs' paintings has been thinking about particular themes long ago, this time he makes use of the ATS web site as a launching element for probably the most renowned matters of the discussion board clients. overlaying a vast spectrum of themes from the age previous Kennedy assassination, lunar landings and the Federal Reserve, to the trendy phenomenon of chemtrails, height oil, and the ever present 11th of September theories; with many extra in among.

something this e-book is not is a conspiratorial free-for-all the place all common sense fails to use. Marrs manages to convincingly debunk Nazi antarctic bases whereas laying off poignant feedback at the Federal Reserve. after all as a prerequisite, an open brain is important , besides the fact that, one's personal scepticism need not be relegated to the trash bin both.

In all, whereas the devoted fringe researcher will most likely locate the knowledge to be previous information, so much readers may still locate this to be an exciting if now not just a little informative tract. the next water cooler speak on my own should be definitely worth the buy cost.

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Gold stated that so-called fossil fuels are actually the product of natural processes deep within the Earth. It is created from underground methane sources, which feed a vast subterranean biosphere of bacteria. These hydrocarbon microbes in turn produce the hydrocarbons of coal, oil, and gas. Before laughing off Dr. Gold’s ideas, remember that the large oil companies use oil-absorbing microbes to clean up tanker spills. This non-biologic or Abiogenic Theory of Hydrocarbon formation is supported by the fact that some drillers, particularly the Russians, have found hydrocarbons far from traditional sedimentary formations.

E. Dolbear, claimed they were testing the machine and had landed to make repairs. Prophetically, McIlhany was quoted as wondering, “[W]hat you reckon is going to happen when dynamiters get to riding in airships and dropping bombs down on folks and cities? ” But the most unusual aspect of the recent sightings has been the widespread and [ 50 ] ATS MEMBER COMMENT WHY DID THE AIR FORCE CHANGE ITS STORY ON STEPHENVILLE? Joiner was told the paper did not want any more stories concerning the UFOs. “It is time to move on,” Joiner was told.

What did the jets see up there? J i m Marrs ATS MEMBER COMMENT “ WHY DID THE AIR FORCE CHANGE ITS STORY ON STEPHENVILLE? ” The Stephenville sightings were also of interest to Ken Cherry, president of the Texas state chapter of MUFON, who went with an eight-person team to the Stephenville area on Jan. 18 to interview witnesses. “Normally, we get 15 to 20 [UFO] reports a month, which puts us among the top two or three [states] in the country. With the high number of reporting results we have had in the Stephenville-Brownsville area, this is very significant—over 150 reports.

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