A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 3) by Debora Geary

By Debora Geary

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I hope these will keep you warm. Much love from Nova Scotia, Moira. It was hard for her to take the gloves off to open the last package. Her hands were always cold. The last package was small and light and smelled faintly of herbs. When Sierra took the lid off the small box inside, she found an ugly orange plastic frog hanging from a beautiful silver chain. Weird. She looked around for a note that might explain this last gift and found it written on the inside of the wrapping paper. Which was a serious bummer, because she’d pretty much torn the paper to shreds.

That name sounded very familiar. Govin cast back in time, trying to make the connection. “The weather witch who ran off in the eighties? Claimed magic needed to be free? ” Nell nodded. “Yeah. ” Govin winced. Those were scary qualities in a weather witch. ” He snorted. ” He had enormous respect and love for the woman who had been the driving force behind several generations of very well-trained witches. ” Nell’s eyes were fierce, a mama bear on the prowl. ” Now they were getting to the reason for the cookies.

Weather never stood still, and he had to catch up on what he’d missed while he slept. He could hear rummaging on the other end of the phone. “I’ve got bacon and sausages, and pumpkin pancakes in a few minutes. No more eggs, though. ” He peered at the contents of his fridge. ” She laughed. ” He sighed. Nell had lived with him and TJ for two years, so she had plenty of data driving such suspicions. ” She was still chuckling when she ended the call. A package of sausages, well within their expiry date, thunked onto his counter moments later.

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