A Medieval Castle by Gail Jarrow

By Gail Jarrow

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who equipped them, how they have been developed, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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A Medieval Castle

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who equipped them, how they have been developed, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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Strong doors, towers difficult to invade. Built for Strength A castle was designed to withstand battering and back the enemy. Because of castle could 30 its many to drive protective feature-, be defended against an army of attackers. a Castles Under Siege Defenders inside a strong castle usually refused to sur- render to their enemy. But attackers had several ways to overcome ery, siege, These methods included trickand special weapons that could destroy the castle. this resistance. Trickery When attackers planned to use the castle themselves, they did not want to destroy trol through Instead, they tried to take con- Sometimes traitors inside the castle inside or opened the gates for them.

Middle levels When attackers tried to climb over the walls, defenders pushed their ladders away and pelted them with rocks and arrows. w** >1 ft I I I ^ 55 Wm A Medieval Castle held archers dred men one used who could shot at the fit enemy on the wall. Several hun- inside the largest siege towers. For example, at Breteuil in France in 1356 had three stories, with each level holding three hundred men. Defenders Resist Defenders fought against the siege tower by pushing it over or throwing heavy rocks on it until it collapsed.

V. Crognan/Art Resource, NY, 24 ©James Davis; Eye Ubiquitous/CORBIS, 20 Giraudon/Art Resource, NY, 21 Chris Jouan, 15, 18 Erich Lessing/Art Resource, NY, 32, 34 © Massimo Listri/CORBIS, 10 © North Wind Picture Archives, 8, 37 Photodisc, © 7, 12 (inset) Sarramon/CORBIS, 27 Snark/Art Resource, NY, 17 Christian About Gail Jarrow magazine is the Author the author of nonfiction books, novels, and articles for young author, she taught science becoming an elementary and readers. Before and math in middle schools.

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