A compiler generator by William Marshall McKeeman, James J. Horning, David B.

By William Marshall McKeeman, James J. Horning, David B. Wortman

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Actually, it was a blazer. One thing that Joe had heard over and over at the training sessions in Portland was that a union leader was every bit as good as the management on the other side of the table. So Joe had looked at the way the guys on the other side of the table dressed and now he was slowly starting to dress that way too. At first, he hadn't been comfortable in a coat and tie since Brighams wore them only to church, but they were beginning to feel pretty routine. Rich's father was behind the bar and he, too, wanted to know why Joe was so dressed up.

And thought that a person who had really put her past behind her probably wasn't afraid to turn and look it in the face. CHAPTER TWO � ^ » With twenty minutes to kill before he had to leave for Lisa's pageant, Joe thought he would drop by Tory's and give her the phone numbers of the various attorneys who could assure Nancy that she would not have to testify. " Hank Newman called out as soon as Joe stepped into the bar. " This was from Bill Gottfreed. "A coat and tie. " Joe didn't like this. You did one thing the least bit different, and everyone noticed.

He had wanted to be like Frank and Dennis. Life would be perfect if he could just be like Frank and Dennis. And all that had happened since—Dennis marrying his wife and becoming stepfather to his son—had not particularly improved Joe's feelings toward him.

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