A Commentary on the Book of Daniel by Jephet Ibn Ali the by Yefet ben Eli (Abū ʽAlī al-Ḥasan ibn ʽAlī al-Lāwī al-Baṣrī),

By Yefet ben Eli (Abū ʽAlī al-Ḥasan ibn ʽAlī al-Lāwī al-Baṣrī), D.S. Margoliouth

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King, I have done no hurt indicating that he had God generally, And also before thee, O done nothing whereby he had earned this treatment. 24. They let down ropes, as was done in the case of Jeremiah. 25. These men were the hundred and twenty-two who had plotted against him and every one who had displayed any hatred towards Daniel they included with them also their sons and wives; because it was the rule by the Persian law to include the women and children with the men; or perhaps their wives and their grownup sons had displayed some joy at Daniel's misfortune and hatred towards him, : ; : and had earned so their fate the king's in Probably they threw them mind.

This they did that none besides themselves might know their object. Then they excepted the king for two First, because it was absolutely necessary; since otherwise the nation would have perished from mutual outrages and difficulties that would arise. Secondly, they exalted the king above all gods to magnify his estate. All this was to shew him that by this statute his kingdom would be confirmed and set in order. When the king saw that they were agreed about it, it was clear to him that, unless he did that on which they were agreed, his power would be shaken.

Vessels of gold and silver in ver. 2 in ver. 3 the silver is omitted either for there being no doubt, if the gold were brought, that the silver would be brevity brought too or he may have ordered them to be brought, and afterwards preferred the gold exclusively. Then they praised the god[s] of the images and did not praise the blessed Creator, despising Him in their hearts, and thinking that they were masters of the vessels of the house of God and just then came the term which God had fixed. this shews that he saw a hand appear, but did not 5.

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