A Brief History of Mexico by Lynn V. Foster

By Lynn V. Foster

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In the Maw of the Earth Monster: Studies of Mesoamerican Ritual Cave Use (Linda Schele Series in Maya and Pre-Columbian Studies)

As portals to the supernatural realm that creates and animates the universe, caves have continuously been held sacred via the peoples of Mesoamerica. From precedent days to the current, Mesoamericans have made pilgrimages to caves for ceremonies starting from rituals of passage to petitions for rain and a ample harvest.

Pancho Villa. Una biografía narrativa

Los angeles biografía no autorizada del más famoso de los revolucionarios. Esta obra relata, con el estilo vibrante de Paco Ignacio Taibo II, todas las peripecias –desde los detalles más extravagantes hasta los momentos más trascendentes– de un hombre sagaz, abstemio, de mirada magnética, cuya única ley es l. a. que se daba a sí mismo.

Cancun The Yucatan

Путеводитель по Канкуну и полуострову Юкатан из серии Eyewitness trip most sensible 10 (на английском языке). Мексиканский полуостров Юкатан известен восхитительной природой и большим количеством достопримечательностей, в том числе архитектурными памятниками, сохранившимся со времен цивилизации майя. Решив посетить Юкатан, в том числе город Канкун - крупнейший населенный пункт полуострова, не забудьте взять с собой этот путеводитель.

Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields

Ciudad Ju? rez lies simply around the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. A once-thriving border city, it now resembles a failed country. Infamously referred to as where the place girls disappear, its homicide expense exceeds that of Baghdad. final yr 1,607 humans have been killed—a quantity that's on speed to extend in 2009.

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Some Maya regions were depopulated, not to recover until the 20th century. The possible causes of these various collapses have been the subject of considerable archaeological study. Near the Gulf coast, cities, which may have been very large, have been rediscovered in the 1990s. At the same time, the Pacific coast is being more closely examined for sites and cultural affiliation. Excavations in these areas will surely change archaeologists’ understanding of Mesoamerica. For now, it is only the better excavated and better understood cities that can be described.

Like the Bible, the creation myths of Mesoamerica explained the genesis of the world and prescribed correct social and political behavior. Irreverence would result, not in hell, but in the destruction of the maize world, by earthquake according to the Aztecs. Although a few late versions of these myths have been preserved through the Spaniards’ contact with the last Mesoamerican civilizations, older ones have recently been deciphered in the hieroglyphic texts of the ancient Maya. Even earlier, these myths can be identified in the art of the Olmec, dating from three millennia ago.

At the time Christopher Columbus proposed his voyage, Spain was in an unusually strong position to consider overseas expansion. Isabella 47 A BRIEF HISTORY OF MEXICO was captivated by the promise of new souls for the church as much as Ferdinand was interested in a new trade route for exotic spices and silks from the Orient. After so many centuries of war, the nation had a ruined economy and little standing among European trading nations. Fighting holy wars, however, had become a Spanish specialty.

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