A Beginner's Guide to Become an Aviator by Ivory Swenson

By Ivory Swenson

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Some turboprop designs (see below) mount the propeller directly on an engine turbine shaft, and are called propfans. Since the 1940s, propellers and propfans with swept tips or curved "scimitar-shaped" blades have been studied for use in high-speed applications so as to delay the onset of shockwaves, in similar manner to wing sweepback, where the blade tips approach the speed of sound. The Airbus A400M turboprop transport aircraft is expected to provide the first production example: note that it is not a propfan because the propellers are not mounted direct on the engine shaft but are driven through reduction gearing.

Non-Combat aircraft are aircraft not designed for combat as their primary function, but may carry weapons for self-defense. Mainly operating in support roles. Combat aircraft divide broadly into fighters and bombers, with several in-between types such as fighter-bombers and ground-attack aircraft (including attack helicopters). Other supporting roles are carried out by specialist patrol, search and rescue, reconnaissance, observation, transport, training and Tanker aircraft among others. S. military and the "Dakota" in the UK and the Commonwealth.

Keep your seat belt securely fastened at all times. If the plane crashes while you’re sleeping, you’ll be glad you kept your seat belt on. In any case, make sure it is placed around you snugly before impact. Every centimeter of slack in your seat belt triples the G-Force you'll experience in the crash, so keep it snug! Also, push that snug seat belt down as low over your pelvis as possible. You should be able to feel the upper ridge of the pelvis above the upper edge of the belt. Why? The pelvis is a very strong structure that handles force well.

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