20,000 years of world painting by Hans Ludwig C Jaffe

By Hans Ludwig C Jaffe

The richly diversified illustrations are all in color—over 1000 of them, with many full-page plates displaying works of paramount significance and curiosity. the most important epochs, faculties, and kinds of Western and jap portray are represented in work of art, illuminations, adorned vessels, mosaics, panel work, and scrolls. many of the examples were selected to provide a clean and unhackneyed choice, and a few of the works are just about inaccessible to the standard art-loving vacationer.

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With in A a bull's victorious king. Their festivities are enlivened male instrumentalist plavs head while a woman sings, a harp decorated holding her hands the position characteristic of singers everywhere and at times. The two lower zones are all concerned with the booty of war, which includes oxen, sheep, and goats. Typical of the so-called minor arts in Sumeria are inlav work and the making the The discovery of silhouette style, the latter especially effective in figures stand out against the background.

Of the north. c. c. c. • Deir el-Bahari, near Thebes In the funerary chapel of there is a wall painting Thutmose III. It Thutmose I (1525 c. ) 505 bringing an offering to the vulture-headed god Sokaris, who the inscription as "Sokaris, great god, lord of " The significance of the painting is the secret place. is described in . made . clearer by the painted relief frieze illustrated here. Over above it, which is band the inscription runs a horizontal decorated with yellow stars symbolizing the heavens, and band showing a this is topped bv an ornamental framing border frieze of sacred asps.

This almost spherical vessel has rows of zigzag motifs grouped one after the deepest and therefore earliest stratum of the in Hacilar. High beaker with stylized animal patterns, Mivi c. 1 beaker tall decorated is monochrome brown. mil a mosi effective circular frame tor the enclosed geometrical design. The /one below stylized long the run has necked water fowl. C. Such refinement of pottery tells in the cemetery outside the walls of the Blamite capital Susa, and in he- Innumerable such vessels were found more than 2,000 graves of named Susa A, surfaces, quasi-abstract designs its based on animal forms.

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