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Keeping Athletes in the Game

Even low-contact sports can result in acute or overuse injuries that keep athletes from participating in the activities they love. Proper orthopedic treatment can help athletes return to their pre-injury level of function and get back their active, athletic lifestyle.
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Live Your Most Active Life

Pain and stiffness don’t have to hold you back. At Bergen Orthopedics we strive to help patients perform all of the activities that mean the most, from playing with the grandkids to feeling up to taking that trip you’ve always wanted.
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At Bergen Orthopedics we know that life’s special moments are meant to be enjoyed. You can’t live in the moment if you are bogged down with orthopedic pain. That is why we work so hard to make sure that our patients live their lives pain-free.
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Our Focus is Our Patients

At Bergen Orthopedics our patients are our top priority. We base our practice on meeting the individual needs and goals of each patient, by building strong working partnerships where each patient’s feelings and input is essential to designing a course of treatment.
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